Why Didn’t I Learn JavaScript in Class?

Every day I go to work, I go excited. Mainly because I love what I do. It still boggles my mind that I get to go to work and write JavaScript code. As a junior front end dev, I’m very far from the best JavaScript guy I know, but I get to sit down at […]

My Budgeted Life: Month 1

The Back Story Debt is a scary thing. I remember when I first got my American Express. My credit score had already been established with some help from Mom and Dad, and we were all a little surprised at the amount of credit I was extended almost instantly on my first real credit card. I […]

Friendship Intentionality : What I’ve learned about Friendships

My History With Friendship I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always been the best friend that I could be. When I was a teenager, I would lie to my friends and tell them that I had to watch my 14-year-old sister just so I could stay home and play video games. I […]

Things I’d like to See in Halo 6

Diving Back in to Halo Recently I ended my long stint on Overwatch after a few seasons of competitive play. While I had played a couple matches here and there on Halo 5 throughout, I was definitely rusty when coming back to multiplayer a couple months ago. I took a lot of time to play […]

My Programmer Story


I’m a Software Developer As I have begun to build my career as a software developer, I often get asked questions about it. A lot of people want to know what I do, how I got here, or what I will be doing in the future. After some thought I decided that I would write […]