My Budgeted Life Month 2

Another Month Bites The Dust Sometimes, practice makes perfect. I’ve definitely learned that much about budgeting so far in my journey to being debt free. Like so many other young college graduates, I thought that debt financing was normal. I thought that financing things I wanted would let me get them quick while putting off […]

Why Didn’t I Learn JavaScript in Class?

Every day I go to work, I go excited. Mainly because I love what I do. It still boggles my mind that I get to go to work and write JavaScript code. As a junior front end dev, I’m very far from the best JavaScript guy I know, but I get to sit down at […]

My Budgeted Life: Month 1

The Back Story Debt is a scary thing. I remember when I first got my American Express. My credit score had already been established with some help from Mom and Dad, and we were all a little surprised at the amount of credit I was extended almost instantly on my first real credit card. I […]

Friendship Intentionality : What I’ve learned about Friendships

My History With Friendship I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always been the best friend that I could be. When I was a teenager, I would lie to my friends and tell them that I had to watch my 14-year-old sister just so I could stay home and play video games. I […]

Things I’d like to See in Halo 6

Diving Back in to Halo Recently I ended my long stint on Overwatch after a few seasons of competitive play. While I had played a couple matches here and there on Halo 5 throughout, I was definitely rusty when coming back to multiplayer a couple months ago. I took a lot of time to play […]